Sitemap - 2023 - Metacast: Behind the Scenes

Ep. 47 - Is fair equity compensation possible in a startup? (with Outseta's Geoff Roberts)

Ep. 46 - Why we build Metacast in public?

Behind the scenes #9: Good stuff takes time to build

Ep. 45 - Lego Blocks vs. Model Airplanes of Software Products

Ep. 44 - Doing Agile vs. being agile with Pragmatic Programmer Dave Thomas

Behind the scenes #8: Anti-hardcore startup culture

Ep. 43 - Becoming social media influencers (but not LinkedIn Lunatics)

Ep. 42 - Equity compensation at a pre-revenue bootstrapped startup with Metacast employee #1 Jennie Buechner

Behind the scenes #7: What we learned from launching an MVP

Ep. 41 - Differentiating vs. table-stakes features, MLP vs. MVP, YC application

Ep. 40 - Automating mobile app releases with Tramline founders

Behind the scenes #6: First hire, chaos engineering, landing page

Ep. 39 - Work and life in immigration

Ep. 38 - Wharton professor Karl Ulrich on teaching entrepreneurship and value of MBA in 2023

Behind the scenes #5: Async communication in a tech startup

Ep. 37 - CEO vs. CTO a.k.a. Product vs. Engineering

Ep. 36 - Building a startup with contractors with Melissa Kwan, co-founder & CEO of eWebinar

Behind the scenes #4: Love & hate relationship with Google, first hire, and power of focus

Ep. 35 - Early Stage Startup Kitchen - positioning and software tools

Behind the scenes #3: Shipping daily, the ultimate productivity hack

Ep. 34 - How we wrote the book part 2: process, tools, publishing, ads...

Ep. 33 - Behind the covers of The Pragmatic Podcaster pt. 1

Behind the scenes #2: The first all-nighter at a calm company

Ep. 32 - Creating a niche of your own with Corey Quinn

Introducing "Behind the Scenes"

Ep. 31 - Behind the scenes

Ep. 30 - Startup Therapy with Wil Schroter and Ryan Rutan

Ep. 29 - The SaaS Subscription Pandemic

Ep. 28 - Jason Fried, Co-founder/CEO of 37signals

Ep. 27 - Why podcast apps suck

Ep. 26 - Change is the only constant

Ep. 25 - How to start a podcast in 2023

The Pragmatic Podcaster: A step-by-step guide to starting an amazing podcast

Ep. 24 pt. 2 - Non-linear career paths, culture at Google vs. Amazon

Ep. 24 pt. 1 - Leaving jobs at Google and Amazon to start a podcast tech company

Do you hate your voice when you hear it on a recording?

Ep. 23 - Radio ain't dead, starting a company with little kids (Metasode)

Ep. 22 - Running a radio show with TechTalkRadio's Andy Taylor, Justin Lemme and Shawn DeWeerd

Ep. 21 - All Things Tangential a.k.a. Memesode

Ep. 20 - Benefits of Decentralization in Podcasting with Justin Jackson, Co-founder of

Ep. 19 - Promoting Our Podcast on Social Networks (Metasode)

Ep. 18 - Podcast Analytics with Podder Co-founders Christian Sorensen and Antoine Mazurier

Ep. 17 - From Teacher to a Software Engineer at Amazon (Bonus Primesode)

Ep. 16 - Women Who Code and Record Podcasts

Ep. 15 - The In-Person Metasode

Ep. 14 - The Creator of Winamp and Reaper, Justin Frankel

Ep. 13 - The Slowsode Metasode

Ep. 12 - Podcasting Misadventures

Ep. 11 - The Metaiwan Metasode

Ep. 10 - Hearts in Taiwan

Ep. 9 - Checklists Don't Work (the Czech Police Metasode)

Ep. 8 - SquadCast Founders on Remote Collaboration in Podcasts

Ep. 7.5 - Bonus Primesode: Enter Sandman, Isaac Asimov and Dogman

Ep.7 - Fixing Audio Quality with iZotope RX Metasode

Ep. 6 - Podcasting Hacks with CEO Steph Colbourn

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Ep. 5 - The Unscheduled Reflections Metasode

Ep. 4 - Jake & Jonathan Do America

Ep. 3 - The Metasode

Ep. 2 - The Past and The Present of The Internet with Brian McCullough

Ep. 1 - Dirty secrets of clean sound in podcasts