Metacast: Behind the Scenes
Metacast: Behind the Scenes
Introducing Builders Gonna Build;

Introducing Builders Gonna Build; emergency newsletter wee-oo/wee-oo/wee-oo 🚨


Builders Gonna Build is a podcast about building stuff. We’ll have interviews with entrepreneurs, engineers, product managers, etc. creating some of the best tech products.

We’ve just released the first episode — an interview with Christian Selig who’s a big deal in the world of indie iOS apps and a celebrity in the Reddit circles.

Christian built one of the most popular Reddit apps for iOS called "Apollo", which quickly gained traction, grew to 1.5M users, delighted people for 9 years, but had to shut down within a month due to the turmoil caused by a reddit's decision to monetize its API.

In the interview, we dug into Apollo’s journey from an idea to 1.5M users, building a community, innovative growth ideas (hundreds of custom icons!), making money through merch, and a few other topics.

“just listened to the Builders Gonna Build episode, really enjoyed it!
pretty cool hearing how he just built it himself all those years and turned down funding”
— JP, one of the first listeners of the show

It’s a fascinating solopreneurship / indie hacker story that we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

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