...and also the power of serendipity in the age of social media
...and also raw honesty of building in public and 2x-ing our engineering team!
...also instrumenting metrics, new podcast episodes and free access to our book for podcasters for a limited time
In this issue: Big news — our first hire! A former senior engineer from AWS has joined our team as the first hire! Read on for the backstory, the…
...and also Google shutting down their podcasts app
In this issue: Love & hate relationship with Google. We love making fun of Google (for good reasons, it’s totally deserved) but we also love their…
... and also closed beta and social media updates
Are we failing at being calm? No, we are not.
What does it take to bootstrap a startup in 2023?
Here's why...
It’s this wonderful time of the year when people make new year resolutions and waste money on gym memberships. Everyone sort of knows willpower doesn’t…
Some of you already know that Arnab and I have been working on a new podcast for a couple of months now. Others are probably wondering who's Arnab and…